Create a New User

Create a New User

Before you begin:
A Management Console Administrator is the only role that can create a new user.

Create a New User

1) Navigate to the home page and click Administration .

2) The Administration screen appears.

3) Select the Manage Logins radio button and click Go . The Login List appears.

4) To create a new user, click New. The Add New Login screen appears to the right of the Login List.

5) Enter the email address of the new user in the Email textbox. Note, when logging in the email address is case sensitive. 
6) For Deluxe clients, click the Launch Roles tab.
7) Select the desired roles for the new user, if any.

8)  Click the Send Invite Email button.

NOTE: A login invite email for the Management Console will be sent to the new user. If the new user does not see it in their Inbox, please have them check their spam/junk folder. It was sent from If the login invite email is not found, the new user can go to the main login page and select Forgot Password to receive a new email to reset their password. For assistance, please email

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