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Software Release Notes - 2021

August 8, 2021 -  New Features
Support for French language in Launch.

July 25, 2021 -  New Features
Nudge Automated Messaging
  1. Launch Non-Completion Messages can now send recurring messages. With this update, a Launch Non-Completion Message can be sent multiple times until the user completes the Launch Module. This recurring message will have the same message body each time it is sent.

Nudge Automated Messaging reports are now available. 
  1. A Message Summary Report provides a summary of all the Nudge messages sent within a specific time frame.
  2. A Message Detail report provides a list of each individual who was sent a specific Nudge message over a given time frame.

No Page PathForks 
  1. Previously, a page had to be created for each Path within a PathFork. With this new release, these filler pages are no longer needed. When a user clicks on a Path that has no pages, the user will be directed to the Section Quiz (if available) or the next Section. 

June 13, 2021 -  New Features
The Management Console permissions have been updated to allow Module Level Permissions for Deluxe Clients. With this update, the current permission settings for your users remained the same. Below is information on the new roles and important facts to know.

General Roles
  • Management Console Administrator - create and disable user logins; manage Discover™ Settings.
  • General Editor - create and release Reflect™ Surveys, Create Nudge™ Messages, and Navigate™ SmartForks.
  • Report Viewer - run and view reports for all modules.
  • Discover™ Contributor - answer questions asked through Discover.

Launch™ Roles
  • Edit All - the user will be able to edit all modules including those newly created; individual modules cannot be deselected.
  • Edit (Deluxe Clients Only) - can edit selected modules.
  • Publish All - the user will be able to publish and edit all newly created modules; the user can create new modules and copy current modules. Edit All is automatically selected for the user.
  • Publish (Deluxe Clients Only) - can publish or disable selected modules. Edit is automatically selected for selected modules. 

Important Facts
  • To see an update in permissions, a user will need to log out and back into the Management Console.
  • If no Launch Roles are selected, a user will not have access to Launch.
  • Only users with permission to Publish All can create new modules. 

April 18, 2021 -  New Features
  • Improved Usage Detail Report
    • Can filter by Module Version
    • Includes Final Test Score
  • Capture Forms now offer options for when a student/end-user revisits a form. 
    • When an end-user reenters a Capture Form, the following will occur based on that form's setting:
      • Blank: (default) Even if the end-user has filled out the form before, the form will be shown blank (other than pre-filled fields provided by the Launch application). The end-user will be able to submit the form a second time.  Both of the end-users submittals will be available in reports and via the API.
      • Show and Allow Changes: Any fields that the end-user had filled out previously will be prefilled with their previous entries.  The end-user will be able to change their answers and submit the form again.  In reports and via the API, only the last value submitted by the end-user will be displayed. 
      • Show But No Changes:  Any fields that the end-user had filled out previously will be prefilled with their previous entries.  The end-user will NOT be able to change any of the responses.  In reports and via the API, only the original response will display per end-user. 
      • Do Not Show: If the end-user returns to a form they previously filled out, they will not see the Capture Form. Instead, they will see a message saying they already filled out the form and cannot fill it out again.  In reports and via the API, only the original response will display per end-user. 
To update your Capture Form to one of these new Re-Entry Options email

February 28, 2021 -  New Feature
The ability for students/end-users to return to the exact place they left off in Launch upon return.

January 31, 2021 -  New Features
Support for Russian and Armenian languages in Launch.